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Wasabi Black Kit to cut fish into filets and Sushi

Four useful instruments to clean fish and prepare it for Sushi or into filets.
-Multiuse Scissors Due Cigni: to eliminate pinnae it is very important to have stainless steel scissors with a particular structure that guarantees a determined and quick cut.
-Stainless steel pliers to remove fish-bones after cutting into filets.
-Yanagiba knife 24 cm to cut into filets and slice the filets quickly, precisely and with a cut that guarantees the perfect preparation of Sushi.
- Santoku knife to clean and open the fish before cutting it into filets. Blade 16 cm, knife with an excellent shape also suitable to cut vegetables

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Price: € 119,00 GBP = 99,63  USD = 156,60  CNY = 990,00  JPY = 11.956,29

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