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The taste of Joy - Book

Be happy by eating and cooking in a healthy, natural way…
This is the great secret revealed in this enlightening book, based on the instructions of the Great Master Paramhansa Yogananda The taste of Joy; this book explains in a clear and involving way the link between food and spirit and how all of us can immediately create healthy and tasty habits that will make us happier. The book contains: 150 appetizing and easy to prepare recipes, useful information about Vital Energy in food and many practical suggestions. An essential book for vegetarians, vegans and whoever is looking for a more balanced diet.
Author: Zoé Matthews
Edition language: Italian
Pages: 448
Size cm: 17 x 24

Price: € 29,00 GBP = 24,28  USD = 38,16  CNY = 241,26  JPY = 2.913,72

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