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Slicing Mandolin for straight cut and Julienne cut

Perfect mandolin to cut safely all vegetables and fruits, with three cutting levels and julienne cutting.
In the padlock position the mandolin with tempered steel blade, remains safe from cutting risks even when placed in a drawer.
Choosing position 1 a cut 1,5 mm wide is obtained.
With position 2 the cut is of 3 mm.
With position 3 the cut becomes of 6 mm.
Through a special lever the julienne blades come in proper position and you can cut vegetables in sticks in a few seconds, availing yourselves of the different cutting heights.
Excellent grip and anti-slip process give a good stability during the use in kitchen.
Provided with plastic finger-safety support

Price: € 39,00 GBP = 32,65  USD = 51,32  CNY = 324,45  JPY = 3.918,45

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