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Brush with silicone bristles Fiskars Functional Form

Brush with turning bristles with 3 positions of use.
Perfect to brush perfectly any foodstuff, sides of baking pans, moulds, cakes...
The bristles in silicone allow to retain oil and cooking liquids better.

The Functional Form accessories are innovative products with characteristics exclusively functional, designed to meet the different requirements in kitchen. Made in very strong plastic, Softouch®surfaces, silicone resistant to heat and glass fiber reinforced nylon. Functional design and materials guaranteeing the use and the duration of these products.
Reinforced nylon with glass fiber (up to 50%)
Silicone is resistant to heat up to a temperature of 180°C. Provided with a hole for hanging
Resistant to washing in dish-washer
Design Jakob Heiberg.
Total length 18 cm.

Price: € 7,50 GBP = 6,28  USD = 9,87  CNY = 62,39  JPY = 753,55

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