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Clongs – Stainless steel and silicone pliers for serving

Kitchen pliers are one of the best inventions employed in daily use. The problem is that they are not easy to store after use and are usually difficult to open and close. Dreamfarm have solved the problems with CLONGS kitchen pliers, designing a click-lock system: kitchen pliers that open and close easily and are storable in a sit-down position. Through the click of a button, Clongs open or close without any effort. When unused they can be placed anywhere without touching the points, because the curve of the handles has an excellent position even closed, as if it sat down. The curve makes cleaning easy and has an excellent ergonomic use. Clongs kitchen pliers have silicone insertions that do not damage non-stick pans and are heat resistant up to 260°C ; therefore they can be used with any cooking pot from pan to barbecue. Total length 30,50 cm.

Price: € 17,90 GBP = 14,99  USD = 23,56  CNY = 148,92  JPY = 1.798,47

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