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Bron Coucke Professional mandoline with recipe book La Mandoline

A mandoline of high quality, very much appreciated by chefs and cooking amateurs and a Recipe Book LA MANDOLINE in French and illustrated by Thomas Feller. New ideas for quick and special recipes, with perfect cuts for smooth, undulated and julienne slicings. Structure completely in stainless steel with 4 interchangeable blocks having cutting thickness of 2, 4, 7 and 10 mm. Security button in high quality plastic material to protect fingers during slicing. Blades in tempered high quality stainless steel. Compact size, easy regulation of thickness through one lever only. Double anti-slip handle that allows an excellent grip for smooth and waved cuts, mobile sustaining base. Dimensions: 135x400x55 mm. Weight: 2 kg

Price: € 98,00 GBP = 82,05  USD = 128,97  CNY = 815,29  JPY = 9.846,35

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