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Kit for WHOOPIE pastries: Doser and baking sheet

Whoopies are delicious pastries composed of two small soft round cocoa cakes assembled by a marshmallow cream or a soft cream dough with butter base.
They come from Pennsylvania, where a story is told that Amish women started to put these pastries in the lunch boxes of their sons who exclaimed in surprise « Whoopie !».
The kit includes:

- Baking-sheet in platinic silicone meant for food, antistick, that allows to prepare pastries having the same form, thanks to the relief circles of the sheet. Dimensions 40x30 Pastries dimensions 6,5 cm.
Resistant to temperatures -60 degrees C. +220 degrees C.
Dishwashing machine compatible
- Decomax has a large receptacle of 350 ml provided with 6 different spouts to dose the whoopies dough on the baking-sheet before baking and decorate and fill the pastries after baking with the creams you mostly appreciate Resistant to temperatures from +220 degrees C. to 60 degrees C.
Dimensions D. 14 Height 5,5 cm.

Price: € 38,40 € 36,10 GBP = 30,22  USD = 47,50  CNY = 300,29  JPY = 3.626,67

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