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Spring : Easter Eggs & Cake Design

The evolution of Easter eggs through their decoration with sugar paste or plastic chocolate is getting near the Anglo-Saxon art of wedding cakes, that is now known in Italy as Cake design.
The handiness and creativity of the operator, together with the paste-cutter and cooky cutter with extractor allow to prepare elegant decorations for artistic Easter eggs.
The set includes :
- n. 1 Polycarbonate mould for Easter eggs 450 g (two half shells in a mould)
Dimensions egg 170x250 mm
Dimensions mould 290 x 390 mm H 22 mm,
- n. 3 Paste-cutters with extractor FLOWER Diameter 40-55-70 mm.
- n. 3 Paste-cutters with extractor LEAVES Diameter 27-17-14 mm.
- n. 4 Paste-cutters with extractor LILY Diameter 50-70-90-110 mm.
- n. 2 Paste-cutters with extractor LITTLE FLOWERS Diameter 20-27 mm.

Price: € 64,90 GBP = 54,33  USD = 85,41  CNY = 539,92  JPY = 6.520,70

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