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Lunch Salad : Set for take-out light lunch

A thermic bag with the necessary instruments to taste away from home a light but healthy lunch, practical and easy to consume, fit for people who want to have a break for lunch and savour a salad, fruit and a sandwich or raw vegetables.
The set includes :
- Thermic bag with Capacity 5 litres (about 3 hours of thermic preservation) dimensions 25x16cm. height 13,5 cm.
- Lunch Box receptacle salad holder or cold pasta holder with a separate compartment for side-dish or vegetables Dimensions 20x16x9 cm.
- Thermic receptacle sandwich or roll holder with lid with gel for freezer, to take out a tasty sandwich or also raw vegetables such as carrots, peppers, celery, fennel, cucumber, etc. as a light ''pinzimonio'' to eat for lunch. Dimensions 13x13,5 x4,5 cm.
- Small Oil decanter to carry oil, vinegar or vinaigrette sauce Capacity 60 ml.
- Set of spoon, fork and knife in stainless steel with a red napkin, elegant and practical with a pocket to hold the covers.
A fresh lunch for summer or a light one for lunch breaks, or after sport, this set is hygienic and practical to transport.

Price: € 57,00 GBP = 47,72  USD = 75,01  CNY = 474,20  JPY = 5.726,96

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