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Zassehaus grinder for natural cereals

This cereals grinder, manufactured with the classic design dating back to many years ago, is perfect to break into shivers and grind cereals, corn, oily seeds, wheat, oats, rye and barley, to obtain oven products made at home with an enhanced taste and of high quality.
To make it work, pour the cereals in the upper space and rotate the setting-up nut in clockwise direction for a coarse grinding or in anticlockwise direction for a thinner grinding. The setting-up guarantees an homogeneous breaking, with the minimum heat accumulation.
Made in natural wood
The grinding mechanisms are in ceramics and licensed
Setting up from coarse to thin
Hand-washing only
Dimensions cm. 23X16x14,5

Price: € 101,00 GBP = 84,56  USD = 132,92  CNY = 840,25  JPY = 10.147,77

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