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Digital thermometer for Freezer and Refrigerator

Compact thermometer with alarm for freezer or refrigerator that indicates temperatures from – 50 degrees C to + 70 degrees C.
Precision + - 1 degree C.
This thermometer for refrigerator is provided with a large LCD display, a max/min memory function to register the highest and lowest temperatures and an acoustical alarm.
The thermometer has a waterproof probe with a cable of 1 meter.
The probe can be hanged in the inner part of the refrigerator with the sucker or with the mounting hanger included.
The thermometer has a strong ABS structure.
Battery 1.5 Volts AAA included.
Duration of battery 5000 hours
Dimensions 15 x 52 x 73 mm.
Weight 55 grams.

Price: € 27,90 GBP = 23,36  USD = 36,72  CNY = 232,11  JPY = 2.803,20

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