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Set of pliers for kitchen in stainless steel

A set of 4 pliers essential in kitchen to serve, cook and prepare dishes and food.
4 basic pliers for kitchen that are a must to work in the best way  :
n. 1 plier to remove fish bones total length cm. 11,5
n. 1 multiuse plier with point having the shape of a spoon to serve or use for cooking meat, vegetables or fish. Practical stop to close it after use. Total length cm. 24
n. 1 straight plier to serve, remove from receptacles or casseroles and during cooking in pans, grill, etc.. Total length cm. 25
n. 1 plier with curved point to serve or for precise works during cooking. Total length cm. 30

Price: € 26,90 GBP = 22,52  USD = 35,40  CNY = 223,79  JPY = 2.702,72

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