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Set Global 30th Anniversary : set of 3 knives Global Limited Series

The Global Japanese company celebrates its 30th anniversary with this set of special knives in a limited edition, each one marked by a celebrating logo.
Global knives famous for their perfect balance, their precise performances and their construction without joints, the excellent sharpening and the lightness in use, have an added value very appreciated by cooks and amateurs.
The set is composed of:
n. 1 G77 Chef knife with alveoli
n. 1 GS89 Kitchen knife blade cm. 13
n. 1 GS38 Paring knife blade cm. 9
Gift package.

Price: € 199,00 GBP = 166,60  USD = 261,88  CNY = 1.655,54  JPY = 19.994,13

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