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Set knife-sharpener stone with non-slip receptacle and Guide for sharpening

Set of sharpening stone and guide fit for all the Wusthof knives and all steel knives.
As from the introduction of the Petec WUSTHOF innovative sharpening technics, also all the knives forged by the famous company have a V cutting-edge.
Knives should be always sharpened by the same person and with the same angling. Therefore WUSTHOF offers a support for sharpening, fit to maintain the same sharpening angle every time you sharpen your knives. Sharpening is very easy even for unpractical people.
The sharpening with the sharpener stone has the advantage to obtain a very thin sharpening, according to the grain used. First a coarse sharpening with grain 1000 and then a finishing with grain 4000.
Silicone guide that avoids the blade to get scratched thanks to the smooth surface of silicone.
Thanks to the 14 ° angle of the guide-support, the knife is always sharpened with the same angle, from the point up to the end of the blade.
The ergonomical shape of this type of sharpening provides a comfortable position of work.
The lower part of the guide is coated with a stratus of Teflon in order to slip easily on the stone.
Stone dimensions : 22 x 8 x 3 cm.
Guide dimensions : 6 x 6 x 1,5 cm.

Price: € 129,00 GBP = 108,00  USD = 169,76  CNY = 1.073,19  JPY = 12.961,02

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