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Mono : Bamix immersion whipper

The first immersion Robot in a position to mince, mix, beat up, emulsionate, whisk, knead, less than one minute.
The versatility of Bamix allows to use it always , for every recipe. Four interchangeable blades to carry out all operations :
- Mixer: ideal for creamy and thick preparations. It emulsionates seasonings, creams, dough for crêpes, omelettes and batters. It whips mash and beats up mayonnaise in a few instants.. It mixes cocktails.
For mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, cocktails, puddings, crème caramel...
- Blade for meat and vegetables : ideal to mince, hash and homogenize meat and vegetables, to hash fibrous and filamentous vegetables. For raw and cooked meat, raw and cooked fish, vegetables..
- Multiuse blade: it triturates, cuts and mixes even freezed food and ice cubes. It can be used directly in a casserole on the stove without the need for other receptacles. For soups, creams, pesto, jams, ice-cream, shakes, milk-shakes, dough for pizza, sweet doughs..
- Whip: ideal for all light and soft, homogeneous and light foodstuffs. It whisks cream and skim-milk, albumens, mousses. It emulsionates sauces, creams and milk-shakes . For: whipped cream, cappuccino, mousse, zabaglione, snow albumen, besciamel sauce, milk-shakes...
Provided with 400 ml glass and support for worktable.
Technical data:
180 Watts motor AC
Double insulation
Double switch
2 speed positions
Bar length 14 cm.

Delivery time: 5 days

Price: depending on selection

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