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Kai Japan set of 3 decoration utensils for sushi bentos
€ 32,31
Chuboos : Kai Japan washing and centrifuge jug for rice
€ 37,50
Kai Japan sushi trencher
€ 12,51
Kai Japan rice spoon
€ 6,30
Kai Sun long black chef apron with logo
€ 33,00
Single sharpening stone in small basin grain 3000
€ 39,50
Single sharpening stone in small basin double grain 400 and 1000
€ 39,50
KAI Flexible Trencher
Set Kai Blade Guard magnetic
€ 25,50
Sharpening guide
€ 6,00
Kai Select 100 micro-toothed kitchen scissors
€ 33,00
Kai Bamboo cutting board
€ 60,00

Kai accessories

KAI has an extensive assortment of high-quality and innovative kitchen accessories. A special characteristic puts KAI on the interaction of design, functionality and quality.
We recommend using the traditional ceramic wet stones to re-sharpen your knives and polish to perfection.

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