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17-Piece Chef's Knife Set, HACCP

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Professional aluminum case complete with 17 tools between Dick knives and forged and printed accessories of the Premier Plus and Superior series.
The briefcase was set up with the insertion of handles with different colors in compliance with HACCP regulations.
In the case you find two compartments, one of which is a removable magnet, containing the following knives:
n. 1 Lacing Needle, curved
n. 1 Decorating Knife, angled handle
n. 1 Larding and Lacing Needle set in box
n. 1 Peeling Knife
n. 1 Parisian Scoop, double, ø 3/4" + 1"
n. 1 Lemon Zester
n. 1 Larding Needle, with flap
n. 1 Boning Knife
n. 1 Lacing Needle, straight
n. 1 Carving Knife
n. 1 Lemon Decorator
n. 1 Kitchen Knife
n. 1 Filleting Knife, flexible
n. 1 Carving Knife
n. 1 Utility Knife, serrated edge
n. 1 Sharpening Steel
L = 19 1/4 inch / W = 14 inch / H = 4 1/4 inch