Cases and set for carving
Our sets are perfect for all those who love sculpture, from beginners to advanced.
Here is an overview of the individual tool segments you can find in a perfect set:

Thai and Siam knives
The perfect partners to work with your hands free. A wide variety of blade lengths and executions (flexible or rigid, sharpened on one side or both) offer the perfect solution for all carving technology and all material.
Carving knives
Also known as a carving chisel or, based on its origin, a Chinese knife. Cut out the indicated models in a clean and simple way.
Flowers or ornaments can be created without much practice, either quickly or with extreme precision.
Carving loop
Essential helpers for 3D-carving objects such as sculptures. The contours can be deepened and the recesses can be opened.
Tools for sculpting
Only slightly sharpened. It can be used to scrape hard carving objects (eg pumpkin) or to mold soft materials, such as grease.

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  • 4 flutes chisel set

    New knives for the decoration with wave cuts for the fruit and the vegetables.
    All in stainless steel Learn More

  • Base Decoration - Complete basic roll for engraving and decoration

    Roll in washable material, with all basic instruments necessary to engrave and decorate fruit and vegetables.
    The set guarantees an easy preparation of vegetables and sculpture of vegetables, fruit, chocolate, cheese or butter.
    The ergonomic handles of highly professional instruments and the sharp blades of excellent quality are a guaranty of reliability in your decoration process.
    Undulated cut
    V cut
    Reversed V cut
    Thai type knife flexible curved for engraving
    Peeling knife with excellent quality blade to clean vegetables or fruit
    Engraving -decorating knife
    Peeling knife with 8 cm blade for cleaning vegetables and fruit Learn More

  • Basic : Three items basic set for engraving

    To start engraving and decorating fruit and vegetables, with basic carving instruments :
    - Stylet Thai type flexible blade
    - Engraving V shaped knife
    - Engraving U shaped knife
    Handle made in a material fit to be used even with wet hands, in Santoprene having a pleasing grip. Learn More

  • Carving Set : Professional pouch complete with 26 decoration instruments

    Pouch studied for fruit and vegetable carvers, containing all carving knives with even cut, V and U undulated cuts and flexible stylets for perfect ornaments.
    The washable and practical pouch contains :
    n. 4 decoration instruments undulated cut
    n. 18 V and U shaped even cut decoration instruments
    n. 3 professional knives of Triangle for perfect incisions: Knife model thai stylet blade 4,5,Knife Siam blade cm. 5, Long carving Knife blade 6,5
    n. 1 Knife for triangular cut
    The Kit includes a little stone to restore cutting-edges. Learn More

  • Case CHEF ACCESSORIES : complete bag

    Small case with the necessary cooking accessories for professional cook or amateur cook.
    The bag can be introduced in a larger case or the accessories can be placed without difficulties, to guarantee the long duration of edge and a safe transport.
    The case contains :
    Victorinox paring curved knife blade cm. 5
    Victorinox paring toothed edge knife blade cm. 8
    Victorinox paring even knife blade cm. 8
    Decoration engraving knife blade 8 cm. Triangle
    Dick core-remover
    Dick potato-peeler
    Double scoop D. 22 e D. 25
    Microplane Grater blade for Spices, Citrus fruit, Garlic...
    Learn More

    Regular Price: €72.00

    Special Price €64.80

  • CREATIVE set for engraving and decorating

    Set composed of 7 decoration instruments, perfect to adorn dishes or to create new ideas for hors-d'oeuvre, side dishes or desserts.
    The instruments composing this practical bag allow to scoop, engrave and decorate quickly fruit, vegetables, cheese.
    The set is made up of:
    - scoop diameter cm. 2,2
    - flexible stiletto for engraving
    - scoop for V cut
    - peeling knife micro-serrated blade for peeling also pumpkins, mango, carrots, potatoes..
    - knife with micro-serrated zigzag cut
    - penknife to make flowers with vegetables or fruit
    - peeling knife rigid blade cm. 5 Learn More

  • DECORATE :Foldable roll containing 7 accessories to decorate dishes

    For an elegant presentation of dishes, for quick and easy decorations, for a refined impact in serving first course, main course, side-dish or dessert.
    7 useful and practical accessories to transform vegetables, fruit and citrus fruit and to decorate plates and buffets.
    The Dick foldable roll, made in washable fabric, is composed of :
    n. 1 Double scoop with diameters 22 mm. and 25 mm.
    n. 1 Wusthof vegetable-peeler, to scoop courgettes or potatoes blade length cm. 7, total length cm. 17
    n. 1 Paring knife blade cm. 8
    n. 1 triangle shaped scoop to engrave with triangular cut. Each side of cutting cm. 2
    n. 1 vegetable-cutter fan shaped Total length cm. 18
    Blades length cm. 3,5
    n. 1 Citrus decoration instrument, nylon handle, total length cm. 14
    n. 1 Mini Spiral for vegetables, ring cut diameter 0,9 mm., to prepare a small spiral of vegetables
    Dimensions of foldable roll cm. 26 x 12
    Width open cm. 34
    Learn More

  • Decoration Case, 22 Tools

    Vegetable and fruit carving kit of 18 decoration tools, all in inox
    Comfortable and complete pochette of 22 utensils for the carving and the decoration of the fruit and the vegetables. 18 tools with smooth cut and 4 with undulated cut. Besides small stone to sharpen the tools.
    Learn More

  • Decoration case, 29 tools

    Fruit and vegetable carving is a true challenge on your creativity. Only the best is good enough to do your hard work justice.
    This handbag with 29 utensils decorum has been thought for every type of carving both of fruit and vegetable.

    Learn More

  • Decoration Duo : engraving knives

    With this couple of engraving knives you can create decorations of fruit, vegetables, sculptures of chocolate or engrave whole cheese for buffet presentations.
    One has a shape similar to a Thailand stylet with flexible blade and cutting-edge on only one side, perfect for engraving.
    Blade length 4,7 cm.
    The other has a longer and curved shape, is less flexible, excellent for deep cuts, the blade length is 6,5 cm.
    Antislip handles, well sharpened blades, excellent instruments for the art of engraving and decorating.
    Learn More

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