Case with Global SAI knives and Global scissors

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The famous industrial designer Komin Yamada introduces a novelty in Global cutlery by realizing an ergonomic, elegant, well balanced knife having also an excellent design.
Global SAI blades are in hammered steel and join the Japanese artisan tradition to the innovation of its design.
Knives are produced with 3 strati of steel, the central core with hardness 58-59 Rockwell and two outer strati in stainless steel SUS419, resistant to corrosion.
The handle is perfectly balanced and has a slit to position the thumb for a practical and safe grip.
The hammered blade allows a better detachment of foodstuff after cutting and has a beautiful look.
This Fischer-Bargoin compact case, with zipper, blade protection and button closure includes :
n. 1 Cook knife blade cm. 21 Global SAI-02
n. 1 Vegetable knife blade cm. 19 Global SAI-04
n. 1 Toothed-edge knife blade cm. 17 Global SAI-M04
n. 1 Kitchen knife blade cm. 14,5 Global SAI-M02
n. 1 Global kitchen scissors total length cm. 21

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