Ceramics Grinder adjustable for coffee, linseeds, sesame seeds, salt or pepper, nonslip bottom Kyocera

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This grinder has been designed by Kyocera to grind coffee.
For Italian people coffee is not just a beverage, it is a ritual.
From one generation to the other little secrets are transmitted to make a stronger coffee, more tasty or simply as we like it.
One of these secrets is that coffee must maintain its freshness.
How ? It is easy : grind coffee just a moment before preparing it.
Kyocera created a ceramics grinder expressly for people who like to taste the essence of coffee, without losing its natural flavour.
Provided by a non-slip bottom in rubber, the Kyocera adjustable coffee grinder allows to choose the grain of coffee : thinner or coarser, but always as you like it.
This adjustable coffee grinder of Kyocera allows a perfect grinding of coffee, the non-slip base maintains grinding stable and the extractable lid makes loading easy.
Being adjustable the grinder can be used also for linseeds, sesame seeds, salt or pepper, chili.
Height 19,5 cm.
Material used : acrylic, silicone and stainless steel