Ceramics Grinder universal for salt, pepper, sesame seeds, mustard, linseeds, coffee etc.. Kyocera

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This Kyocera grinder with ceramics grindstone is ideal for herbs and spices and can also grind coffee.
Thanks to the possibility of regulating the milling it is easy to obtain any degree of thickness requested.
The adjustable Kyocera mills guarantee perfect performances not only for all types of salt and pepper, but also for sesame seeds, mustard seeds, linseeds and various spices, including chilli : moving the chape it is possible to regulate a more or less thickness of grain.
The grinder is provided with a receptacle with lid where the product ground can be stored after grinding.
Technical characteristics :
- grindstone in zirconium ceramics
- body in plastic (ABS) and glass
- adjustment of grinding thinness
Height cm. 17