Chef in Casa: couter-top machine for pasta by Imperia

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Kneads, makes the pasta dough sheet and draws long and short pasta.
Chef in Casa is a compact and reliable counter-top machine, suitable for both professional kitchens and anyone who likes making homemade pasta.
Chef in Casa kneads all types of flour and produces long and short pasta by simply changing the drawplate.
The machine comes with a drawplate for a 170mm-wide sheet of pasta dough and a manual rotating pasta-cutter knife for short pasta.
It is fitted with a complete line of accessories (which can be purchased separately).
The external framework is in anodised aluminium, the parts that come into contact with the pasta are in stainless steel, and it also features a simple, ergonomic but- ton panel, making it a reliable machine in full compliance with current safety regulations.
230 V
Dimensions: 29 x 55 x 30 cm.