Chef Poissonier Roller with Global Japanese Knifes and Accessories

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Ideal roller for the chef responsible for fish, crustaceans and molluscs and their cooking.
The case features high performance cutting knives, perfect for precise and uncompromising cuts.
The case is complete with:
n. 1 Global G20 knife fillet with blade cm. 20
n. 1 Tweezers for fish Global GS 20
n. 1 Yanagiba knife cm. 25 to sliced fish and sushi Global G11
n. 1 Global G29 A knife designed with a heavy structure, perfect for important fish cuts, such as the spine or head. Blade cm. 18
Great for tuna tartare too.
The dimensions of the open roll open width 45 cm and length cm. 50
Dimensions closed width cm. 16 and length cm. 50

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Black blade guard for knives