The set knives are working tools, cutting tools, useful kitchen utensils.
We all use knives in our daily, for small or large cuts, both at the table while we eat, both during the preparation of our dishes.
The knife is also the oldest instrument, still used today in our daily life.
Each knife has a different balance, shape, structure, cut and its construction is designed and designed for a different use destination.
In fact there is no knife for all cuts and in the kitchen working with the wrong tool can compromise the result of a good flow.
The choice of the model must be made based on what must be cut and the success of the cut depends mainly on the structure of the blade.
For this reason, in the kitchen it is preferable to have a set of knives, a selection of shapes that guarantees precise and perfect cuts for every food we choose to cut.

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  • €1,499.00

  • ASIA: Set 5 knives in stainless steel with magnetic strip

    Set Asia style with 5 knives and magnetic strip for mounting on the wall comes with a carving knife, an axe, a utility knife, a fillet knife and a peeling knife.
    The magnetic strip can be easily fixed on the wall with the plugs and screws provided.
    This makes for a safe storage place and gives easy access to the knives.
    Set with 6 pieces:
    5 knives made of stainless steel
    1 magnetic strip
    For household knives

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  • Basic Set of kitchen equipment: 6 Pots with 5 lids, 9 Knives, Sharpener, Pliers and Scissors

    This Basic Set of kitchen equipment has been designed for use in professional kitchens. We have chosen the basic accessories for the preparation of a restaurant or hotel kitchen, a wine bar, a tavern or a bistro with a kitchen. The 6 pans are from Sambonet Paderno in the 2500 3-Ply series with three Inox-Aluminum-Inox states. These pans made of plywood ensure a rapid and uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface of the pot. The external and internal finish is satin. The edge of the pots is to pour. The sleeve is anatomic in stainless steel and the wall and bottom have uniform thickness. This allows energy savings on all cooktops. Ideal for any type of cooking including induction. 9 Dick Prodynamic Series knives have been designed for intensive use in professional kitchens. The handle is hygienically impeccable, built in a solid polymer and the blade has a good quality and a good thread seal. In the set you will find: n. 1 Half-High Casserole 1 Handle Cm 20 Series 2500 3-Ply Height 8.8 cm. 2.5 liters capacity n. 1 High Casserole 2 Handles Cm 24 Series 2500 3-Ply Height 11.5 cm. Capacity 5 liters n. 1 Low Casserole Two Handles Cm 28 Series 2500 3-Ply Height cm. 11 Capacity 6.5 liters n. 1 Bombe Casserole Cm 20 Series 2500 3-Ply Height cm. 7 Capacity 2 liters n. 1 Low Casserole 1 Handle Cm 24 Series 2500 3-Ply Height cm. 5 Capacity 2 liters n. 1 Pan 1 Handle Cm 32 Series 2500 3-Ply Height cm. 4 n. 2 Cover D. 20 cm. n. 2 Cover D. 24 cm. n. 1 Cover D. 28 cm. n. 1 Paring knife cm. 9 curved Dick Prodynamic Series n. 1 Paring knife cm. 11 Dick's Prodynamic series right n. 1 Boning knife cm. 15 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Kitchen knife cm. 16 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Santoku knife cm. 18 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Chef Cutting Knife cm. 26 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Slicing knife cm. 26 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Chef Cutting Knife cm. 30 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Bread Knife - Serrated pastry cm. 26 Prodynamic series by Dick n. 1 Wide straight nose pliers total length cm. 30 n. 1 Wide curved tip forceps total length cm. 30 n. 1 Folded forceps total length cm. 20 n. 1 Multi-purpose kitchen scissors n. 1 Dick Master Steel HyperDrill sharpener, excellent alternative to the hook. Sick up quickly and safely. Learn More

  • Basic Set Vegetable Dick ProDynamic Light

    Ideal for vegetable preparation in a professional kitchen, like restaurants, catering, large kitchens, but also an excellent set for home kitchens.
    It is not easy to look for the necessary knives for vegetable cleaning, find the maximum quality of steel, an excellent sharpening and the manufacturing lightness.
    With this set including 4 knives essential for vegetables, you will have lightness, practicalness, quality and a maximum cutting efficiency.
    The handle is made of anti-abrasion and antislipping polypropylene
    The shape of the handle is ergonomic and well balanced
    The set is composed of :
    - Peeling knife for potatoes and vegetables
    - Kitchen knife cm. 11
    - Santoku knife with alveoli cm. 18
    - Cook knife cm. 21
    Modern and up-to-date design
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  • Black & White – Kyocera Trio black handle white blade

    It is not difficult to choose quality, it is in fact sufficient to choose the Kyocera brand.
    Trio of three basic knives for professional cooking or for gourmets.
    paring knife blade cm. 8
    Vegetable knife blade cm. 11
    Knife for meat and fish blade cm. 16
    Black and white: elegance in kitchen
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  • Bright Dick : Basic set of Dick Premier WACS knives

    The Premier WACS knifes are an exceptional synthesis composed of a nonstick hygienic layer and a precious handle with nacreous effect.
    The high quality level stratification of the blade avoids the foodstuffs sticking and allows an easy cleaning.
    Friedr. Dick and the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) are bound to reach the same purpose and try together to attain the maximum quality. The Premier WACS series of knives is born from this cooperation and is meant for international professional cooks.
    The set includes:
    - Boning-filleting flexible knife cm. 15
    - Santoku vegetable knife blade cm. 18
    - Cook knife for many cuts blade cm. 21 Learn More

  • Regular Price: €1,320.00

    Special Price €1,188.00

  • Custodia Protezione Salva lama per coltello

    Per salvare il filo dei propri coltelli, metterli in sicurezza nel cassetto o nella valigetta, per garantire un trasporto sicuro senza rovinare il filo e senza rischio di tagliarsi.
    Realizzata in materiale plastico con feltro interno per proteggere dai graffi. Learn More
  • Cut and Sharpen: Set of 3 knives in the kitchen and Chef's Choice professional sharpener

    Whether you are a professional chef of a large kitchen or cooking in a small room with seasonal opening, working in a wine shop with a kitchen or a gastronomy laboratory, your knives must cut well and always.
    With this Set you bring the precision of the cut and the speed in your kitchen.
    Enjoy a fast and continuous processing of meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit
    This Set consists of:
    No. 3 Professional kitchen knives
    No. 1 Chef's Choice Sharpener .
    Due Cigni professional knives are made of Nitro B X50CrMoVN15 stainless steel with 55/57 HRC blade hardness.
    The handle is made of non-slip nylon, perfect to use with wet hands.
    In detail in the set you will find:
    No. 1 Boning knife Blade cm. 16
    No. 1 Kitchen knife with alveoli with blade cm. 20
    No. 1 Chef's knife with alveoli with blade cm. 25
    No. 1 Diamond Hone CC120 Sharpener from Chef's Choice
    The sharpener will allow you to perform an accurate and safe sharpening, suitable even for an operator who has never sharpened the knives.
    You can keep the knives of this Set sharp and sharpen all the knives with a European cut that have a 20 ° sharpening inclination.
    The machine has diamond abrasives in phase 1 and 2.
    In step 3 you can polish the edge of your knives.
    With this sharpener you can also sharpen the serrated knives.
    230V power supply
    Power: 75 W / 50Hz
    Dimensions: 22.5 x 10.5 x 10.8 cm.
    Instruction manual. Learn More

    Regular Price: €285.00

    Special Price €267.90

  • Dick Prodynamic Set 5 knives

    Basic set for amateurs and professional cooking.
    Necessary in a kitchen to work professionally, using excellent quality Dick knives, with an ergonomic handle.
    Manual dexterity also starts from the knife and these knives allow to process raw materials with more skill.
    Peeling-knife curved for cleaning vegetables
    Peeling-knife straight blade 11 cm
    Boning-knife rigid to bone ham or chicken.
    Slicing-knife 15 cm flexible to cut in regular slices and in fillets.
    Cook knife 21 cm to mash and mince. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 104 total

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