Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone Marine Sharpening Station

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Specifically engineered for the fishing and marine enthusiast, this revolutionary sharpener is the ultimate accessory for dedicated anglers! Versatile and easy to use, it includes three professional sharpeners in one compact unit:
Knife Sharpener for hairsplitting sharpness on all your fish fillet and bait knives in just seconds. Also great for all other household and sports knives, straight edge or serrated
Scissor Sharpener for line cutter scissors
Hook Sharpener for sharpening most types and sizes of fish hooks
Water resistant with an IPX-4 rating
Designed to resist the saltwater environment.

The Model 710 Marine Sharpening System features three professional sharpeners in one compact unit: a knife sharpener, a line cutter scissors sharpener and a fishhook sharpener. Designed to resist the saltwater environment with a IPX-4 water protection rating, it’s also easily cleaned with a low pressure hose spray. Engineered and assembled in the USA. Using precision angle guides, 100% diamond abrasives and a unique stropping stage, it easily creates a flawless and durable razor sharp edge. All of the unit’s exposed components are stainless steel and advanced polymers. The on/off power switch is magnetically operated to isolate the electrical system from the harsh saltwater environment. Includes 2 power adapters: 120V-AC and 12V-DC auto/marine. Slip resistant suction cups on base hold the unit in place.

The Knife Sharpener: Ideal for fish fillet and bait knives, household and sports knives, both fine edge and serrated—it creates hair-splittingly sharp 15 degree edges in seconds!

Scissor Sharpener: This manual 2-Stage sharpener applies razor sharp and long-lasting edges to line cutter scissors. It uses 100% diamond abrasives in both stages for fast and efficient sharpening. Easy to use precision angle guides provide consistent sharpening, without the need to disassemble the scissors. Ideal for right or left handed use. All exposed metal parts are made from water resistant stainless steel. The unit is compact and stores easily in knife sharpener’s base or in a tackle box.
Professional Fishhook Sharpener: Operated with 2 AA batteries, it easily sharpens most types and sizes of fishhooks. Includes 3 sharpening tips: 2 diamond tips for sharpening and one alumina/ceramic tip for honing and polishing. The pointed diamond tip also clears holes in lure heads. Ideal for right or left handed use. The fishhook sharpener is compact and stores easily in base of knife sharpener or in tackle box
Unit cleanable with low pressure hose spray
Operates on 120 volts AC or 12 Volts DC (both adapters included)
Scissor sharpener and hook sharpener store easily in base of knife sharpener or tackle box
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