Dehydrator for fruit, vegetables, fish, herbs, spices

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Equipment for foodstuff dehydration : vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, herbs, spices...The only equipment that allows to make dehydrated fruit or vegetable pancakes through the principle of the horizontal drying device.
Dehydration advantages : ideal conservation method that maintains nutrients, taste and is free from additive agents.
• Dry food minimum shelf life : about 12 months.
• Principle: base blowing hot air, with adjustable temperature, throught the trays.
• Drying time: from 10 to 14 hours according to product and thickness
• Cost per hour: about 8 cents less than the cost of an oven use
• Weight of foodstuff per drawer: about 0,500 kg
• Maximum thickness of dry food slices: 5 mm
Use in ventilated place.
- Preparation of vegetable powders : dry tomatoes, onions.. - Pancakes of rolled fruit both empty or filled to accompany ice-cream, sorbets ...
- Dehydration of herbs and spices
- Dry tomatoes for salted pies, carpaccio, dry anchovies
- Vinaigrette of dry bilberries - meringue decorations, rinds, slices of quince ...
- crystalizing of flower petals for desserts.
Specifications: provided with 5 trays, a grill and a plate for liquids.
Temperature control : 55 ° C thermostat sensible to interruptor-motor temperature
D: 34 cm Ø
H = 27 cm (5 plates)
Total weight 4.000 kg
230 V - 50 Hz - P = 500 W