Duo Paris U'Select : Peugeot pair of salt and pepper grinders Red

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Paris is the most famous model of Peugeot's pepper and salt grinders.
This couple of grinders for salt 18 cm. and pepper 30 cm. guarantees elegance to your table.
Manufactured in Red laquered wood, the grinders have the innovative u'Select grinding.
For salt and for pepper too, everyone has his own requirements and likes a change to put a dish in perfect accordance to taste and seasoning. Peugeot offers an improvement with its registered system : the set-up of grinding.
6 grinding adjustments for salt
6 grinding adjustments for pepper
Easy : just rotate the ring placed on the base of the mill and choose one of the positions, each one corresponding to a specific grinding. The more the chape is moved, the more the grinding is good.
Precision : no risk of change of grain size during use.