East knives block Complete set of 5 Classic Series knives + Bamboo chopping board + Sushi Set + Pliers

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Oriental elegance and simplicity come into your kitchen with a compact bamboo block with Zassenhaus flexible bristles, completed with Japanese Series Classic knives, Bamboo chopping board, multi-purpose pliers and Sushi making sets.
In detail this set includes:
n. 1 log made of natural bamboo with flexible bristles inside, removable in a single block and washable.
Dimensions: Height cm. 23 Width and Depth cm. 12 x 12
n. 5 Japanese knives in the Classic Series with wooden handle and black shank extremely sharp blade in the shapes: Kitchen - Gyuto cm. 20
Yanagiba slicing knife cm. 20
Serrated bread cm. 22
n. 1 Santoku cm. 18
n. 1 Nakiri cm. 18
n. 1 Bamboo chopping board with silicone edges with dimensions 31x23x1.5 cm.
n. 1 Professional bamboo sushi mat with bamboo spoon Size cm. 21 x 24
Spoon dimensions: cm. 20 x 6
n. 1 Stainless steel forceps with length cm. 25

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