Electronic chocolate tempering machine Meltinchoc Pro 3.6 liters

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Electronic tempering machine for chocolate made of heat-resistant plastic material, with removable stainless steel bowl and lid and temperature probe for chocolate temperature regulation.
The electronic board manages the internal resistance, to optimize the achievement of the required result, and to detect the temperature of the chocolate by means of the external probe, to allow a more rapid and precise melting of the chocolate.
The front panel provides suggestions for tempering, manually adjustable or following the 3 different programs based on the type of chocolate: white, milk and dark.
The indications on the display help the operator to complete the phases of tempering and maintaining the chocolate.
Main features:
- Constant and homogeneous temperature
- Removable stainless steel basin
- Preset. programs
- Quick melting
- Digital control
- Graphic display
- Thermal probe
- Sound indicators
3.6 liters capacity
Total dimensions: 24 x 40 cm. Height cm. 13.5
Bath size: 18 x 32.5 cm. Height cm. 10

Shipping times: 5-6 days