ELIS Trio : Peugeot Pepper and Salt Grinders and rechargeable cork-screw

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A wonderful Peugeot case containing the maximum technology :
- Electric rechargeable cork-screw
- Electric rechargeable Pepper grinder, enlightened, with grinding degrees
-Electric rechargeable Salt grinder, enlightened, with grinding degrees
The pepper and salt mills have a licensed u'Select system that allows to adjust grinding on 6 different degrees.
A led lamp placed under the grinder allows to check the pepper and salt dosage.
The interruptor placed on the front part of the mill has an excellent grip and allows to use it with one hand only.
The cork-screw powered by rechargeable batteries is easy to handle, reliable and powerful ; corks can be removed without effort and in a few seconds, allowing more time for tastings.
The three instruments are in stainless steel and have a beautiful design.
The case also contains a charger for the three accessories and small dishes for pepper and salt mills.
Height of grinders and cork-screw : 20 cm.
Rechargeable batteries included.