Enrico case with knives of Wusthof, Dick, Global and accessories

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Cooks, students of cooking schools, sous-chefs and all kitchen workers are often moving quickly, ready to start work for an event, a catering service or for a new summer or winter working season.
Often the destination involves the use of their own instruments and it is not so easy to compose a case.
With Enrico, the leaving cook, we have prepared a case containing different products, having an excellent quality of cutting and precision.
The case made by the French producer Fischer Bargoin, with book opening, contains :
n. 1 Paring knife curved Wusthof cm. 6
n. 1 Boning knive cm. 13 Dick
n. 1 Filleting knife cm. 18 flexible blade Dick
n. 1 Chef knife cm. 20 Global
n. 1 Kitchen scissors demountable multiuse Due Cigni
n. 1 Pliers to remove fish bones and to put in dishes, in stainless steel
Dimensions closed case: 43 x 23 cm.
The closure zip of the case is fit to be provided with a lock (not included)


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