Executive Chef Tongs Set

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There are accessories now become indispensable for the Executive Chef, tongs are important as the knives, which allow you to move in the kitchen with absolute precision.
This Set of tongs has been designed for the professional chef, game manager or Executive Chef.
The set includes:
n. 1 Alma Kaiman tongs: gripper designed with precision tip with internal grip, ideal for a good grip, also good for delays. Total length cm. 18
n. 1 Precision pliers 40 ° curve for serving, equipped with 6 buttons with different colors, to assign the most suitable use of the gripper within the HACCP.
n. 1 Alma Test Spoon-Plier: tongs with three different uses:
- teaspoon for tasting the preparations
- surgical precision pliers
- graduated measuring cup (0,5 cm.)
Perfect to be inserted in the pocket of the chef's jacket, always at hand during the service. Length cm. 13.5 cm.
A perfect set to give to the Chef or the aspiring Chef.