Grand Chef : Wusthof Case with 11 knives, scissors and sharpener

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For an excellent Chef, knives with excellent performances, characteristic and contemporaneous : the Series Grand Prix II Wusthof.
This case contains all the assortment essential for an exceptional Chef.
Knives have a handle in synthetic material easy to clean and non-slip and with inner handle in a single piece ; all these give an optimal balance to the knife and make it handy and safe. The lack of jonctions between the handle and the blade assures a perfect hygiene. Handle in plastic easy to clean and non-slip with continuous inner part of the handle.
Forged blade in one single piece of high alloy steel (X50 Cr MoV 15). Particularly sharpened thanks to the laser PEtec sharpening process.
The collar extended up to the facet makes the grip pleasant and gives an excellent balance.
The passage without jonctions between the handle and the blade assure a maximum hygiene.
The holding Wusthof case is completed with :
- carving-cook knife cm. 26 (4585-26)
- kitchen-cook knife cm. 26 (4585-20)
- slicing knife cm. 20 (4525-20)
- bread toothed-edge knife cm. 20 (4155-20)
- santoku knife with alveoli cm. 17 (4175-17)
- flexible filleting knife cm. 16) (4555-16)
- boning knife cm. 14 (4615-14)
- toothed-edge tomato knife cm. 14 (4106-14)
- paring utility knife cm. 12 (4040-12)
- paring knife cm. 9 (4040-9)
- paring knife cm. 8 (4015-8)
- Multiuse scissors cm. 21 (5556-21)
- Two phases sharpener: Carbide/coarse quickly adjusts the edge. Ceramics/fine: gives finishing to cutting-edge.
Dimensions case : 480 x 250 x 100 mm.
Three separate compartments for 20 knives and accessories , each one closed with zip.
Lock with combination for a higher safety.
Book opening.
Requires less place in kitchen, it is ideal where there is little room.
Provided with handle and shoulder belt.
Soft case, in very resistant fabric.
Color: black.

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