Italian Evolution : foldable with 4 Sanelli knives, diamonded sharpener, plier and 1 Gift scissor

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The Italian evolution in the manufacturing of knives comes from the localities of Premana, Maniago and Frosolone, little countries hidden in Italian valleys, entrepreneurial territories that have been able to transform their geographic limits into points of strength.
This foldable bag is provided with Italian manufacturing knives of Sanelli Ambrogio, company of Premana, diamonded sharpener of Due Cigni Coltellerie of Maniago and scissors of Fraraccio of Frosolone. A Made in Italy having as basis generations of knives and scissors producers that evolved creating working instruments showing quality, reliability and advanced technology.
The blades of knives and scissors are made with steels of optimal hardness, duration of cutting-edge, resistance to corrosion and excellent cutting capability.
The Zwilling foldable bag chosen by us for its compactness and practicability is supplied with the following items :
n. 1 Curved paring-knife cm. 7 Supra Line of Sanelli Ambrogio
n. 1 Boning knife cm. 14 Supra Line of Sanelli Ambrogio
n. 1 Flexible knife for filleting and slicing cm. 22 Supra Line of Sanelli Ambrogio
n. 1 Cook knife blade cm. 26 Supra Line of Sanelli Ambrogio
n. 1 Diamonded sharpener cm. 23 Due Cigni Coltellerie
n. 1 Plier for kitchen cm. 25
n. 1 Kitchen multiuse scissor as a GIFT perfect for meat, fish and fit for all types of cuts in the everyday work of a food laboratory.
Products Made in Italy
NSF knives certification, conformity to get in contact with foodstuffs.

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