Kasumi Sashimi Roast Knife cm. 24 Series VG-10 PRO

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The KASUMI VG10 PRO knives are hand made availing of the experience of skilful professionals and experts and are produced in the same way than Japanese traditional swords.
The blades of KASUMI VG10 PRO are made in solid Japanese stainless steel Cobalt VG10 with a high contents of carbon specially developed for knives.
The blades have a hardness Rockwell HRC 59-60 representing the ideal hardness for kitchen professional knives of high quality and guaranteeing the best cutting and tight performances of the cutting-edge and having a longer duration with respect to the major part of other knives.
The knife is carefully finished piece by piece during the whole process thanks to the manual work of skilled artisans.
The cutting-edge perfectly sharpened and polished is perfected through a process of double finishing and by a Japanese water grinding system with grain 3000 to obtain a very sharp professional blade.
The handle in artificial marble (antibacterial meta-acrylic resin) fits the hand, is hygienical and long lasting.
This knife with narrow and long blade of 24 cm is suitable to slice raw meat and fish or cooked meat.

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