Kasumi Sharpener

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This Kasumi sharpener with diamonded grinders is the ideal accessory to sharpen ceramics knives or any type of steel knives, even titanized, damascene or with high carbon contents .
Easy to use, it allows to sharpen ceramics knives without any difficulty.
The Kasumi Diamond sharpener was designed to sharpen also steel thin knives of Japanese style that are sharpened on both sides.
It is not fit to sharpen Sashimi or Deba knives that are sharpened on one side and neither some European type knives with large thickness blade.
Universal use with water:
For ceramics knives, use only diamond wheels.
For metal blade knives, use first the pink couple of grinders, then the couple of diamonded grinders to obtain an excellent thin cut.
Open the cover and pour water on wheels. Close hermetically the cover and make the blade run through the guide slit. After sharpening, open the cover and clean the inner part with water.

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