Kitchen knife cm. 14,5 Global SAI hammered

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The Global SAI knives are manufactured by the Japanese artisan producers of the Global knives in the Yoshikin factory and are made with three strati of stainless steel.
All the experience in the production of hollow stainless steel handles and the modern technology in the manufacture of knives were applied to the production of the new GLOBAL SAI knives.
Designed by Komin Yamada, with his 25 years experience in this field, these knives have three excellent functional characteristics :
they are elegant, ergonomic and made in a high quality steel .
The blades are manufactured in a special steel with a central blade of an exceptional hardness of 58-59 Rockwell and an excellent cutting-edge and the two strati of outer stainless steel are SUS419 resistant to corrosion.
The hammered finishing makes the knives very elegant and incredibly this prevents that the foodstuffs stick to the blade, creating a more slipping cut.
This knife fit for many cuts in kitchen has a blade of 10 cm length.

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