Kitchen Shears : Global Kitchen scissors

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The Global unique design for these kitchen scissors, forged structure and Japanese quality.
For many years the users of Global knives in all the world have been requesting to the production company to manufacture multiuse well designed kitchen scissors, to complete the large range of high quality Global knives and accessories. This has been a difficult project for Global, since the larger part of kitchen scissors present on the market are produced in series and did not satisfy the requirements of Global and their strict criteria of design and functionality.
Global knives are used by the best professional chefs in restaurants kitchen and also by cooks at home.
The kitchen scissors had to meet the same high standards.
These scissors are produced in a high quality whole of molybdenum – vanadium stainless steel.
The fulcrum was lowered, to improve the lever and the power of cut finely toothed for a better adherence.
The scissors are hygienic and easy to clean
Designed by Komin Yamada
Total length 21 cm.
Packaged in an elegant box.