Knapsack-Large Bag Ultra-light containing case with knives series Wusthof Pro and Set of carving implements

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Knapsack provided with kitchen knives, accessories and carving instruments and ready for a business trip, a journey for a banquet or for catering.
The holding capacity of the knapsack-bag allows to insert also professional or relax clothing to be used on a business trip or transfer.
This knapsack-bag Ultra Light of Eagle is rectangular and requires the minimum storing room when unused, very holding and extremely light and resistant, it can transported easily both as a knapsack or as a case or as a shoulder belt bag.
• Zip with possibility of blocking with a lock
• Handles on the upper, lateral and lower parts
• Quick access pockets
• Material: Bi-Tech™
• Capacity: 45 L
• Weight : 700 gr
• Dimensions : 58 x 22 x 32 cm
You will find in the knapsack-bag :
n. 1 Wusthof complete case with the following items:
- Curved paring knife blade cm. 6 (cod.3033)
- Paring knife even blade cm. 8 (cod.3043)
- Toothed-edge knife for tomatoes blade cm. 10 (cod.3003)
- Dick step spatula dimensions cm. 2 x 10 (cod.8533610)
- Boning knife blade cm. 16 (cod.4863)
- Filleting knife blade cm. 20 (cod.4856)
- Santoku knife with alveoli blade cm. 17 (cod. 4860)
- Cook-carving knife blade cm. 23 (cod.4862-23)
- Pastry-chef knife blade cm. 26 (cod.4854)
- Serving pliers cm. 20 (cod. 7726)
- Pliers to remove fish-bones cm. 14 (cod.7721)
Dimensions case closed: 51 x 17 cm.
You will also find
n. 1 Engraving set with the following implements:
1 knife blade cm. 12,5
1 scissors length cm. 11
1 engraving stylet flexible blade
4 engraving V shaped knives
3 engraving U shaped knives
1 double scoop of cm. 1,5 e 2 cm.
After use wash the instruments in running water.

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