Kyocera Dual Pepper and Salt adjustable grinder

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Save space on the table with this versatile pepper and salt mill Kyocera "Dual".
On one side you can introduce pepper and on the other side salt that can be both used easily and practically.
It has an advanced ceramics grinding mechanism guaranteeing a long resistance and duration of sharpening, since the material is hard as diamond and never gets rusty, you can have a long duration of your pepper and salt mill.
The smart vertical design of the mill will leave shelves and work-tables clean without residues, while the cap preserves spices dry even under moisture conditions.
The transparent reusable acrylic tanks make the insertion of salt and pepper easy.
Apart from salt and pepper it is possible to grind sesame seeds, linseeds, mustard seeds, dry origanum, celery seeds, dry herbs and leaves, cumin seeds.
Height cm. 19,9
Diameter cm. 6,1