Maintenance Kit of the edge of Global knives and all Japanese Knives

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In a general manner, every knife after an intensive use needs to be sharpened and the tradition of Japanese knife manufacturers recommends to maintain a sharpened cutting-edge of knives by means of sharpening stones.
Global strongly suggest to sharpen knives periodically using a ceramics stone.
This set is composed of a medium grain stone, a safety holder and also includes guides for a right inclination of sharpening.
This Global stone with grain 1000 has a very hard grain, dimensions stone : 21x7x5 cm and base in non-slip rubber
n.1 Stone-holder of Global – support in stainless steel with dimensions cm. 27x10x4
n. 1 Guide for knives sharpening - pair of guides for little and large knives with plastic inside in order not to scratch knives and stainless steel outside .