Microplane spiral cutter Easy Prep

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An entertaining party for vegetables : this is the new Microplane Spiral Cutter!
Are you tired of the usual vegetable cubes or rounds ? Thanks to the new Microplane® spiral cutter you can eat vegetables having the shape of amusing and colored spirals.
Unreplaceable instrument to prepare healthy salads, bright vegetable strips and amusing decorations, the Spiral Cutter has a safe grip, guaranteeing a maximum stability and handiness. You can create and satisfy your whims with appetizing vegetable dishes in perfect vegan style.
The use of the device is very easy : just introduce the vegetables in the hole and sharpen them like a pencil ! The Spiral Cutter is an ideal kitchen instrument to cut quickly and without effort the vegetables in a spiral shape, thanks to the two holes of different size but with blades having the same width. The smaller hole is fit for long and thin vegetables like carrots and the larger one is fit for cucumbers, courgettes and more consistent vegetables.
Description of product / Characteristics
13x7,5x6 cm.