Pochette Cuisine : Case with 18 knives and utensils for Cook

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Case ready for use by the professional cook or by the cuisine student, containing 18 knives and accessories.
The mix of knives and utensils of this case guarantees a full autonomy of the cook who wants to use his own working instruments.
The holding and ergonomic case which opens like a book with 4 faces includes the following instruments:
n. 1 boning knife cm. 11
n. 1 sticking knife cm. 14
n. 1 roast knife cm. 20
n. 1 French knife cm. 25
n. 1 kitchen knife cm. 23
n. 1 stainless steel spatula cm. 23
n. 1 large fork chef forged cm. 32
n. 1 filleting knife cm. 17
n. 1 sharpener cm. 25
n. 1 melanin spatula cm. 30
n. 1 decoration instrument
n. 1 core-remover
n. 1 scoop D. 22 mm.
n. 1 lemon liner
n. 1 potato-peeler
n. 3 paring knives cm. 6 - 8 e 10 cm.
n. 1 multiuse scissors cm. 21
n. 1 bottle-opener

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