Professional roll cutter with 7 smooth POM blades adjustable up to 11 widths

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Professional cutter can be adjusted up to 11 widths with POM structure and blades, thanks to the included kit including spacers and keys, you can cut the sizes of:
10 mm.
15 mm.
20 mm.
25 mm.
30 mm.
35 mm.
40 mm.
45 mm.
50 mm.
55 mm.
60 mm.
It will be possible to use it in the kitchen for cuts of so many egg pasta, tortellini, noodles, pappardelle, tortelloni and pastries to work pastry or short cut and cut it very easily.
Blades in POM allow a cutting speed and a convenient detachment of the blade from the blades.
Total length of cutter cm. 38
Blade width cm. 8.5
Including instruction manual.