Set 3 ceramics pans Kyocera Superior + 3 spatulas-pellets anti-scratch

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Inspired by more than 25 years of technology in the ceramics field, Kyocera designed n. 3 professional pans non-stick coated in ceramics.
With superior non-stick performances, pans are submitted to a high technology of non-stick coating in ceramics, guaranteeing excellent cooking performances.The ceramics coating offers high non-stick characteristics and it is safe, anti-scratch and very easy to clean.
The thick aluminium base is covered with a steel base providing an excellent thermic conductivity and thus a quick and uniform distribution of heat.
The strong handles in riveted steel are practical and ergonomic and allow to use pans both on the stove and in an oven up to 200 degrees.
Endowed with:
n. 1 shovel for fried food in composite material, polyamide (nylon 6.6) with glass fiber, dimensions shovel 9 x 10 cm. Total length cm. 35
n. 1 Plier to serve in composite material in polyamide (nylon 6.6) with glass fiber. Total length cm.32
n. 1 Spatula in silicon and resin Dimensions spatula cm. 25,5 x 5,5