Set Kasumi Super Stone professional sharpening

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For sharpening your knives with blade on both sides (symmetric) and knives with blade sharpened on one side only
The bos contrains.
-K11 Stone with double face and two different grains 240 for refining, 100 for finishing
-K12 Stone with grain 3000 for a medium polishing of blade and grain 8000 the most thin to levigate the blade and to allow a very sliding cut.
- Two sharpening guide rails.
- Two stones to levigate and make flat the stones after many sharpening operations and to maintain the perpendicularity of the stone.
In case of knives sharpened on one side only, place on the stone only the sharp side with an angle of 45°, on the 4 different grains of the stones. After having sharpened the knife on the inclinated side, put it on the concave side and use grain 3000 and 8000 to polish.
For symetric knives use the guide rails to maintain an angle of 15° and carry out the sharpening process on all the four grains of the two stones , on both sides.
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