Set Sushi: Knife, Slicer, Grater in ceramic Kyocera + Mat and Spoon in bamboo

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Prepare Sushi goes beyond the simple act of cooking.
It is a real Japanese art, the result of an ancient tradition.
Kyocera puts its experience in ceramics in a designed set for sushi lovers.
This set allows you to prepare Hoso-maki, Ura-Maki and Nigiri easily and perfectly.
The mat and spoon bamboo allow you to precisely portion rice and wrap it in the Nori seaweed sheet.
You can put inside the vegetables you prefer, sliced with Kyocera Mandoline ceramic blade that allows you to make cuts with 4 different thicknesses:
0.5 mm, 1.3 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.
The Kyocera knife will allow you to slice with precise and perfect cuts your rolls.
The ceramic grater allows you to grate the ginger quickly without oxidizing the root, ensuring a bright color for a long time.
The set includes:
n. 1 Kyocera ceramic knife blade cm. 11
n. 1 Grater Kyocera with D. 9.3 cm.
n. 1 Mandoline with Kyocera ceramic blade with 4 thicknesses and finger protection
n. 1 mat and spoon in bamboo

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