Sharpening machine and manual sharpener Chef's Choice

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The perfect couple to solve cutting problems of knives.
With the electric sharpener Chef's Choice 2100 and the manual shaft 450 all the knives of your kitchen or food laboratory can be sharpened and maintained with a good cutting-end for a long time.
The CC450 manual shaft allows a quick and practical handling of the cutting-edge of knives during use or before.
With the CC2100 sharpener you can reconstruct the edge of knives making a weekly or monthly sharpening of all the cutlery.
Knives are sharpened in the first stage with abrasives lined with diamonds at 100% and then grinded with thinner diamond particles. During the third stage the edge is submitted to a strop and polished to obtain an exceptional sharpening.
During the third stages, blades are sharpened alternatively in the right and left slits.
The sharpening module can be detached, replaced and can be washed in dish-washer.