Sharpening stone with guides Minosharp grain 240

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Global knives are hand ground in factory and thanks to the excellent characteristics of the materials used they have a long lasting cutting edge.
However, they must be sharpened from time to time.
For Japanese people sharpening of knives is an art and it is made with sharpening stones.
Mino Tsuchida created properly for Global knives the kit of stone and guides for sharpening.
This green stone with uneven 240 grain, must be used to free from impurities, when blades are chipped or completely blunted (no cutting-edge – no cutting)
Dimensions : 21x7 cm Height 2 cm.
Plastic box to be used to sharpen guaranteeing the stability of the structure during sharpening and perfect to be closed and stored after use.
Sharpening guides included : small and large tracks
Stone to be used for sharpening in water bath.