Shun Premier Case complete with knives, mandolin and accessories

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The Kai Shun Tim Mälzer knives feature the famous stratified metal structure of Damascus KAI, combined with a very hard core of V-Gold-10 steel.
The blade is hand-hammered Japanese style.
This technique is called Tshuchime. This not only guarantees high sharpness and good appearance, but also ensures that the product being cut does not stick to the blade.
The knife core features 32 layers of Damascus steel.
The hardness of these blades is 61 ± 1 HRC, which is exceptionally hard. This keeps the knife sharpness length.
The handle is made of brown nut and holds very well in the hand, both left and right. A fine detail is Tim Mälzer's logo at the end of the handle.
These beautiful knives are fun and to love.
Within the large case are inserted:
N. 1 Sliced ​​knife cm. 24
N. 1 Chef knife cm. 20
N. 1 Santoku knife cm. 18
N. 1 Serreted kitchen knife cm. 15
N. 1 Little Knife cm. 9
N. 1 Kai professional mandrel 3 stainless steel cutters Cut width 8.5 cm. Thin Julienne cut, medium Julienne. 20 ° tilt for smooth cutting
Size of the mandolin 28.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm.
N. 1 Kai line Select line 100 Blade length cm. 5
Handle size 9.2 x 4 cm.
N. 1 Professional Tweezer for fish Kai Shun Total length cm. 13 Length of gripper socket cm. 1.5
Enclosed case size 52x21,5x7cm Dimensions open 90x52

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